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WFOE setup in Shenzhen

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In recent years, Shenzhen attracts more and more investors from oversea countries to establish their business here to enjoy the large market of China. The most common and easy one is the WFOE((Wholly foreign owned enterprise). Today here we will introduce some basic information on Shenzhen WFOE setup.

Advantages of WFOE:
There are many advantages of a WFOE, the mains ones are as following:
1. You will have 100% control over the equity of the WFOE;
2. WFOEs are allowed to conduct direct business activities including trading, servicing, and manufacturing activities;
3. The WFOE can employ both foreigners and local Chinese directly in most of the cities in China.

Advantages of doing business in Shenzhen:
1. Shenzhen is located on the south-east part of China, opposite of Hong Kong;
2. Convenient exit-and-entry systems;
3. Goverment encourage on international organizations and institutions;
3. Hong Kong and Macao residents can receive mainland Chinese benefits;
4.Government works efficiently and is more flexible;
5. Developed logistics - both airway and shipping;
6. Testing cutting-edge medical technologies;
7. City full of vigor;
8. Big Date Base.

Process of WFOE setup in Shenzhen:
The procedure of setting up a Shenzhen company is simple. The general process is as follows:
Step1: Fill out the application form (sign the agreement);
Step2: Pay the services;
Step3: Check the required documents ;
Step4 Prepare for the statutory documents for the investors to sign personally;
Step5: Forward documents to related government departments;
Step6: Keep clients informed of processing.
Step7: Finish processing around 5 working days for the company formation.

Required information/ documents:
1. Two original Lawyer’s legalization or notarization of shareholder’ passport which should be endorsed by local China Embassy or Consulate within 6 months(If the shareholder can come to Shenzhen, passport copy works);
2.Business Scope;
3.Company name in Chinese
4.Passport copy of a Monitor: Any of your relative or friend could take the position. (18 years old or above and no nationality limited)
5. Register address(we can provide if you need)

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