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FAQs of Deregistration/Dissolution of Hong Kong Company

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Q:Can a Hong Kong company be deregistered?

A: Yes, but conditional in the following:
Consent by all shareholders
The company is not running or operating any business, or stopped operation more than 3 months before applying for deregistration
No unpaid indebtedness, including government charges and taxes
It shall obtain the Notice in Writing of No Objection issued by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue

Q:Can company with unpaid indebtedness apply for deregistration?
A: Company with unpaid debts can also apply for deregistration, but subject to one of the following conditions:
Its parent company or subsidiary, or its directors, shareholders and others consent to pay the debts
Creditor s execute consent to give up recover the debts



Q:What documents are needed for applying Company deregistration?
A: Following documents are needed to be provided:
Certificate of incorporation
Business Registration Certificate
Latest annual return
Latest financial statements

Q:How long it will take to apply for Hong Kong Company deregistration?
A: Generally about 6 months


Q:Does the company need to present financial statements to apply for Hong Kong Company deregistration?
A: Not necessarily. A Hong Kong Limited Company incorporated more than 18 months ago, in case that Inland Revenue Department has issued the profits tax return, shall complete the return, together with one copy of financial statements audited by Certified Public Accountant and presented to the Inland Revenue Department.

Q:Does the company need to present annual return during the period of application for Hong Kong Company deregistration?
A: Yes. The company still needs to present annual return until the Companies Registry notifies the company it is deregistered.


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