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Chengdu ATAHK Introduction

Chengdu Joint Venture(JV) Chengdu Company Registration|

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Chengdu Company Auditing Service
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Chengdu, a capital city of Sichuan, is well-known for its business culture and investment environment. ATA was set up here in 2004 ,offering business culture incubating, value-added capital training and business process outsourcing services. ATA is committed to developing the Sichuan and Chongqing markets, and inviting the investors from outside world.


Chengdu Business Startup, especially, offers Chengdu foreigner investment entity setup WFOE, RO, CJV, etc. and business process outsourcing services.


 Chengdu ATAHK Services

Chengdu ATAHK offers investment entity set up (WFOE/RO/CJV), company restructuring and reorganization, financial and personnel management, equity or asset transfer etc.


Chengdu ATAHK offers services such as CI/VI design, brand awareness, business cultural incubation, corporate culture cultivation, tailor-made business magazine, investment analysis and budget.


With 12 backup business services from ATA Group, ATA CD further provides all-in-one expat services known as a Path to Sichuan, a Home in Chengdu. Free Advice and Prospectus is available in our office for collection.

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Unit 1303, 13/F,Shidai Fengshang Bldg. 123 Caoshi St. Chengdu, China

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