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Free Port In Singapore Overview

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Singapore Company Formation
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Singapore free port is one of largest freeport in the world, ranks first in Asia. The shareholders include the Singapore National Arts Council and the National Heritage Board of Singapore.CFASS Singapore will offer enhanced services to accommodate needs of a diverse clientele, including the management of collections and art work as loan collateral, also the brokering of insurance for artwork and valuables.


Singapore Free Port Overview
The Singapore Freeport, opened near  Changi Airpor, offers collectors and businesses a secure storage  facility and trading forum for collectibles The Singapore Freeport is supported by the Economic Development Board, the Singapore Customs, supervised by the Singapore Police and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and is closely studied and monitored by the Monetary Authority of Singapore ( “MAS”), the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Finance for potential money laundering and terrorist financing activities. The facility and the operations are managed by Freeport Management Pte. Ltd. Renowned logistics companies and institutions (e.g., Christie’s, Malca-Amit) operate within the facility.


Services Offered by the Singapore Freeport
Some of the services offered by the Singapore Freeport include transporting collectibles that are flown into Changi Airport to the Singapore Freeport securely via internal airport roads only (i.e., without using public roads); secure state-of-the art design storage facilities equipped with energy-saving features that maintain the precise environmental conditions needed to store certain collectibles such as artefacts and fine art; secure access to private viewing rooms and exhibitions spaces, accessible by appointment only; and fully-equipped offices for collectors who wish to conduct business in a secure and discrete environment. Renowned logistics companies and institutions such as Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services, Fine Art Logistics, Malca- Amit Singapore and Stamford Cellars amongst others, operate within the Singapore Freeport to provide, inter alia, shipping services, storage services, display and trading services.


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