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Swiss bank account opening

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Swiss bank account opening
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Introduction to Swiss bank account opening

Swiss bank account opening: It refers to opening a company account or a personal account, an onshore account or an offshore account in Swiss or at abroad, according to the guide of the regulatory agency of Swiss bank.There are such representative international Swiss banks as: Swiss Valartis Bank, Union bank of Switzerland and Credit Suisse Group, etc.Three ways to open a Swiss bank account: to open a bank account personally in Swiss; with the help of specially-assigned person from Swiss bank at the designated location in Asia; or with the assistance of authorized agency of Swiss bank, of which signature shall be attested.



Introduction to Valartis Bank 
Valartis Bank is located in Liechtenstein, the world famous and confidential offshore center, which listed on Swiss stock exchange. The bank also has branches and representative offices in Zurich, Geneva, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Vienna and Russia, where you can open an account for cash saving, onshore or offshore transactions, which facilitates the telegraphic transfer without quantitative restriction if you provide enough information for due diligence. At the same time, Valartis bank also provides all kinds of debit and credit cards. 

Valartis bank account opening advantages 

1. No need to go to Swiss by yourself, the manager of Swiss bank will personally reach your location for account opening.
2. No nationality limitation: the accounts may be opened both locally and at abroad (except for North Korea, US and other war-torn countries), for instance, Hongkong company account, Chinese personal account.
3. Convenient and efficient procedure: a personal or company account may be opened in 2-3 days with the complete documentation you provided, which will be fairly flexible in use.
4. High confidentiality: The privacy and security of the bank account is protected by the government legislation.
5. Various services for capital operation: services as easy operation at internet bank, as well as other kinds of convenient favorable services; a Swiss personal account or company offshore account may be opened without leaving your home.
6. Services in multi languages: Chinese, English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Croatian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Czech, Azerbaijani and Arabic. Internet bank system in Chinese will soon be put into use.  


Swiss Bank account opening process
1. To fill in the account opening form and prepare the documents;
2. To email the bank with the scanned document for information verification;
3. The account will be half opened when you receive the notice of the bank after their checking;
4. To deposit $2000 in a temporary account for activation;
5. To send the account opening documents to bank by express. (originals or notarized ones)
6. The account is ready for use on the same day when the bank receives account opening documents and the money for activation, which will be deposited in your own account automatically.
7. All originals and the confirmation letter of account opening will be expressed to you, and the electronic edition of the confirmation letter will be emailed to you.
8. After the account is activated, you can make remittance and read your account information by yourself at the internet bank.
9. It takes one hour for signing the documents, 3 working days for searching process, and 5 working days for establishing internet bank system.
10. Once the account is opened, you can use it at your place easily, especially for internet bank account.
11. Account cancellation: you can cancel Swiss account after you submit a written application in advance.



Swiss Bank account opening Required documents

1. For personal account: original passport and personal resume(English version)
2. For corporate account: company registration certificate, articles of association, register application documents, business plan, personal resume (English version) of shareholders and directors, seals (or deed of trust), file of company changes (such as company name, shareholders and directors, registered capital), the latest annual return documents (applicable for the company established more than one year ago ).



Swiss Bank account opening Tips 

1. The company shareholders or directors who handle the account are required to be present for account opening. The account operator who accepts the authorization from the company shareholders or directors is also required to be present for the account opening and sign the documents.
2. If an account is not activated in one month or not used, the account will be cancelled automatically. You are advised to remain the bank balance not less than 50,000 dollars.
3. You may also apply for cheque in current account when you open an account.
4. Our advisory department of Tannet commercial secretary center is opened for all your questions. You are welcome to contact us at anytime.
5. After opening an account, you should consult with the bookkeeping agency. Tannet recommend that you retain bank statements and receipts, and expenditure bills for accounting needs. 



ATAHK's Extended services

1.  Registration service of Swiss company
2. Follow-up services: such as LC opening and receiving, cashing LC in advance, T/T, bank transfer, cheque deposit, etc.
3. Money-transfer, goods-transfer business, and other commercial mating services.
4. Services of assets management, trust and assets operating.



Contact Us 

If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact ATAHK anytime, anywhere by simply visiting ATAHK’s website, or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82143422, or emailing to 

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