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Yiwu Equity Joint Venture(EJV)

Yiwu Equity Joint Venture(EJV)

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Yiwu Company Registration
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Overview of Yiwu
Yiwu is located in Jinhua and Quzhou Basin, at east longitude 119 degrees 49 minutes to 120 degrees 17 minutes and north latitude 29 degrees 02 minutes 13" to 29 degrees 33 minutes 40", and in the geographical center of Zhejiang Province.

It lies on the east of Dongyang, south of Yongkang and Wuyi, west of Jinhua and Lanxi, and north to Zhuji River. Far away from the provincial capital Hangzhou hundred meters, the City is surrounded by the mountains on east, south and north three sides. The length from north to south is 58.15 kilometers and from east to west is 44.41 kilometers wide. Yiwu, a pearl of China market, is striving to improve investment environment and to provide favorable conditions for foreign investers.


Yiwu City Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau has also drawn up "a Guide to Yiwu Investment Promotion Projects", and actively promoting the industrialization of investment.


Equity joint ventures (EJV) are the second most common manner in which foreign companies enter the China market and the preferred manner for cooperation where the Chinese government and Chinese businesses are concerned. Joint ventures are usually established to exploit the market knowledge, preferential market treatment, and manufacturing capability of the Chinese side along with the technology, manufacturing know-how, and marketing experience of the foreign partner.

Equity can include cash, buildings, equipment, materials, intellectual property rights, and land-use rights but cannot include labor. The value of any equipment, materials, intellectual property rights, or land-use rights must be approved by government authorities before the joint venture can be approved.

After a joint venture is registered, the entity is considered a Chinese legal entity and must abide by all Chinese laws. As a Chinese legal entity, a joint venture is free to hire Chinese nationals without the interference from government employment industries as long as they abide by Chinese labor law. Joint ventures are also able to purchase land and build their own buildings, privileges prevented to representative offices.


Yiwu Equity joint ventures Registration is also called Yiwu Equity joint ventures setup, Yiwu Equity joint ventures formation, Yiwu Equity joint ventures incorporation and Yiwu Equity joint ventures establishment.


Yiwu Equity joint ventures Registration-Capitalization of JV in Yiwu
The Chinese company has registered capital requirements, Company Law, the minimum registered capital of 3 million, the company trades are different in nature, registered capital will be more different. Such as trade-based registered capital: Recommendation 50 million production: the proposed 1 million, consultants, type: Recommendation 10 million; registered capital can be a one-time place (business license is issued for 6 months from the date of one-off place), can be divided into 1-2 During the year in stages, such as in stages, need to be completed at the Companies Registry within three months, lowest 15% in place, the rest of the payment in installments. According to the registered capital, the size of the period to determine the stages in place. Note: China has registered capital of more stringent requirements in place, the company registered prospectus finished please place the agreed time, otherwise would violate the "The People's Republic of China Company Registration" and "Foreign Investment Enterprise Law" requirements. 

Yiwu Equity Joint Venture Registration-Transfers of Equity Interests in Joint Ventures
If a party proposes to transfer all or part of its interest in the registered capital of the joint venture company to a third party, then each other party has a pre-emptive right to purchase the equity interest proposed to be transferred. As an equity transfer also requires amendment of the joint venture contract and articles of association, which in turns requires the signature of each party, each party in effect holds absolute consent rights to any transfer generally. All transfers of registered capital additionally require a unanimous approval of the joint venture company board of directors and approval by the original government authority which approved the joint venture contract and articles of association.


Yiwu Equity Joint Venture Registration process
1、Commissioning process
Fill power of attorney (to confirm the contents) →Submit datas→pay money→Audit Information→sign documents→Submit to Government→tell the Process→finish about 60-80working days→notice customers to receive→Sign.

2、Customer Process
Determine main Investors(company or person)→Both board minutes→Joint Venture Agreement→Government Notary and Embassy Certification of Investors→Banker's reference→company name→business scope→registered capital→shareholders→Appointment of Chinese Legal Representative→China office address(Leasing contract)→Commissioned→remittal of capital from abroad→Verification(if needed) →Handling post-approval(if needed)

3、Government Process
Nuclear name→Pre-approval certificate like Fire fighting and pro-environment(Production) →Investment approval→company licences→Engraved seal structure→Apply for a business organization code certificate→Apply for countries, land tax registration certificate→Bank License→Capital Account→Basic Account→go to the customs for import and export registration certificate(if needed)


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