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China overseas investment enterprise information

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Here it is the China overseas investment enterprise information , as many investors want to set up companies in China.Any one of a number of legal structures under which a company can participate in the foreign economy. FIEs tend to have tight government regulation at nearly every important business juncture, which limits the efficiency at which any foreign company can profit from foreign ventures as well as the amount of control that a foreign parent has over the FIE.



The overall approval process for establishing an FIE can be broken down into different stages as follows:
• As an initial step, the investors must obtain project approval from NDRC and complete anenvironmental impact assessment examination conducted by the relevant environmental authority. If the FIE intends to conduct certain types of business in more heavily regulated areas (such as financial services), preliminary consent from the relevant regulatory bodies must also be obtained at this stage

• Next, the investors will need to seek approval for the establishment of an FIE. The approval application is generally handled by MOFCOM and the level or branch of MOFCOM that is responsible for the application will be determined by the classification of the industry concerned under the Catalogue and the amount of investment involved. MOFCOM approval is evidenced by an approval letter and a certificate of approval issued by MOFCOM and the approval process will generally take between one and three months to complete (depending on the level of MOFCOM involved). In certain sectors, an additional or separate approval must be obtained from the applicable industry regulators

• Investors must then submit the relevant approval letter, approval certificate and certain other required documents to the applicable local branch of the AIC in order to complete the registration procedure for the incorporation of the FIE and obtain a business licence issued by the AIC. The AIC essentially performs the function of a company registry in the PRC. After a business licence is issued by the AIC, the FIE is formally established under PRC law and is permitted to commence business operations

• Following the establishment of the FIE, certain additional registration procedures must be undertaken with various government departments within the legally prescribed time periods. In most cases this will include registrations with the applicable tax bureau, foreign exchange authority, labour bureau, finance bureau and customs authority. The approval process set out above is a general outline only of the main procedures involved in establishing an FIE in China. The process may be varied or simplified according to the prevailing local rules and practice and the requirements of any applicable industry regulators. As a rough rule of thumb, the whole establishment process typically takes between three
and six months to complete.


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