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China business information

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China company incorporation service
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As all know that China is a good place for investing , more and more investors come here to do business with Chinese .China business establishment and China business registration.China is the world’s most populous country, with 1.3bn people living on 9.6m sq km of land. The nation comprises 5 autonomous regions, 23 provinces, 4 municipalities and 2 special administrative regions.The business extension services for investors is that the goal of a win-win situation for the purpose of the business service organizations. ATAHK we are a local professional service, we are aware that the local culture and laws and regulations, customers can save valuable real effort, time and money. We supply the excellent service for business information.

Pre-Investment Services of China corporate formation--China business information
Market research
Competitive intelligence
Due diligence
Feasibility study
Partner search (Joint Ventures)
Business Plans
Location search & selection
Project Management
Business Registration Services

Post-Investments services of China corporate formation--China business information
Visas & Residence Permits Application
Accounting services (bookkeeping, monthly reporting, annual audit etc.)
Special Industry licenses applications (IT, telecoms, etc.)
Change of registered address
Change of legal representatives
Ownership structure change
Corporate restructuring
Company closing

Value-Added services of China corporate formation --China business information
Below are auxiliary services that might be of interest for companies considering to enter the Chinese market in a near future.
Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights
China Invoicing
Virtual Offices


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