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Payroll Management in Xiamen

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Xiamen Payroll Service
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As China continues to emerge as the largest contributor to global growth, many companies have sought to set a foothold in this rapidly expanding market. While there are many benefits for multi-national organizations that establish operations in the country, there are a number of challenges as well. Aside from the difficulties of hiring employees in a foreign land, such as language barriers and cultural differences, one of the most daunting aspects of expanding into China is successfully navigating the nation’s complex payroll policies.

Payroll Management in Xiamen – Obey the Related Regulations
One of the biggest risks employers face when hiring staff in China is not fully complying with the nation’s employment regulations. To ensure compliance and mitigate risk, it is crucial that employers understand their responsibilities, such as:


For each new employee hired in China, the employer must file the appropriate social insurance paper work on the employee’s first day.

The employer is also responsible for withholding income tax from employee salaries and paying those taxes to China’s tax bureau before the 15th of each month. The rate of income tax varies based on the amount of the employee’s taxable salary and on any potential tax exemption status.


Both the employer and employees are required to contribute to the Social Insurance and Housing Funds. These contributions must be paid to the Bureau of Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance Council and the Employee Pension Board before the 15th of the following month.

Payroll Management in Xiamen – ATAHK Payroll Services
1. Application for official salary manual from relevant authorities;
2. Employer registration for statutory social benefits;
3. Assistance in opening personal bank account for each employee;
4. Preparation of individual employee pay slips;
5. Liaison with your Chinese entity regarding individual employees' personal details;
6. Coordination with bank on proper payroll processing procedures;
7. Payroll calculation and net salary payment arrangement;
8. Payroll report for local accounting entry and headquarter management;
9. Annual statutory assessment of social benefit contribution;
10. Assistance with external audits and inspection by social benefit authorities;
11. E-Pay solutions (personal website to distribute individual payslips and/or other personal pay items);
12. Review of payroll process, including payroll process efficiency review, tax and labor law compliance review and assistance in payroll system set up;
13. Preparation and filing of employees' PRC individual income tax returns and assistance in settling any related tax liability;

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