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China copyright registration service

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China copyright registration service
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Licensing and Assignment of Copyrights

Copyrights, which may be jointly owned by two or more persons, may be assigned and licensed in whole or in part.  The assignment or license agreements of copyrights owned by foreign copyright holders should be recorded with the Copyright Office.  Recordation of copyright transfers gives potential third party claimants constructive notice of the prior transfer.


Exclusive Rights Retained by Copyright Owners --- China copyright registration
Only the copyright owner may exercise the following personality rights and property rights:
Right of publication
Right of authorship
Right of alteration
Right of protection against distortion
Right of reproduction
Right of leasing
Right of public performance of a mechanical work
Right of exhibition
Right of performance
Right of broadcast
Right of distribution over an information network
Right of adaptation
Right of translation
Right of compilation and annotation


What can be applied for copyright record?-- China copyright registration

1.Literary works;
2.Oral works
3.Musical, drama, buyarame, dancing;
4.Fine-Art, photography;
5.Movie, television and video works;
6.Engineering design, design drawings and specification of the products;
7.Map, schematic diagram and other graphic works;
8.Computer software;
9.Other works protected by law and regulations.


Often these problems result in years of wrangles at the Chinese Trade Mark Office ending in disappointment. This is normally as a result of a prior trade mark registration made by a third party before the brand was used in China. ATAHK can supply assistance for who need service.


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