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Guangdong Company Registration

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Guangdong Company Registration Service
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Guangdong company registration is one of our business incorporation services. Guangdong has been the fastest-growing and the most opened-up area in China, attracting investors all over the world. Over the years, foreign investors are flooding into this oriental area to seek fortune. Recently, with the consecution of Great Bay Area, Guangdong province is ushering in more business opportunities.

Generally, there are four common business presences for investors to choose, namely, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), Representative Office (RO), Joint Venture (JV) and Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise (FIPE), among which WFOE is the most popular for foreign investors to start up their business in Guangdong. The following is the basic steps that you need to go through when setting up a WFOE in Guangdong.

Steps for forming a WFOE in Guangdong
1. Determine the business scope

Guangdong recently abandoned this system, and now both foreign and domestic companies can set up trading companies. Restrictions on export oriented trading companies have essentially been eliminated, but there are still controls on import oriented trading companies that can increase expense and raise costs. Because these rules were only recently changed, the local regulators who must approve these projects do not have a great deal of experience with the attendant issues. This sometimes delays the approval process. It also results in an extremely cautious approach towards adequate capitalization even for export oriented trading companies.

2. Determine if the foreign investor is an approved investor
Basically, any legally formed foreign business entity is authorized to invest in a WFOE in Guangdong. The investor must provide documentation from its home country proving it is a duly formed and validly existing corporation. To meet these requirements, the following documents are normally needed from the investing business entity:
a. Articles of Incorporation or equivalent (copy);
b. Business license, both national and local (if any) (copies);
c. One set of Notarized and endorsed documents from Investing business entity;
d. Description of the investor’s business activities, together with added materials such as an annual report, brochures, website, etc.
3. Having a Market study to determine the location for forming a WFOE in Guangdong
Before entering into Guangdong, it is very important to have a market study for the WFOE, as different cities in Guangdong will have different requirements for the WFOE registration, the market study can help the foreign investors to understanding well for the local market. The content of market study can include the studies in products, clients’ orientation, employment, labors. 

4. Choose an professional agent to help with the licenses application to form a WFOE
As forming a WFOE will go through different procedures with government licenses application, it will be more convenient to find a local agent for you and help with the procedures for the approval license and business license application, forming a wfoe in Guangdong will take around 25-30 workdays if all the required documents are well prepared.

Our Services for forming a WFOE in Guangdong
Tannet’s Turnkey solution starts with first analyzing your business scope and operation and then strategizing the best legal and marketing path forward, and its services include:
1. Guangdong Market study and Guangdong business plan;
2. Guangdong company formation;
3. Virtual office;
4. Taxes and accounting services customized to our client’s business needs;
4. HR management and payroll services.

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