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Zhuhai company formation

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Zhuhai Company Registration
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Zhuhai company registration services from its office in Guangdong Province. For all your Zhuhai WFOE, representative office, joint venture or foreign invested partnership formation needs, please contact us for professional assistance:

Representative office
This is the most cost effective option for a foreign company looking to begin business liaisons, quality control, research or technology exchange in China. Ideal if you are not yet ready to start issuing invoices and receiving payments from clients.


Wholly foreign-owned enterprise
The more independent and flexible way for a foreign investor to contribute solely to a new venture in China by forming a fully-owned and controlled limited liability company.


Joint venture
Joint venture is the preferred method of operation for foreign investors involving a contractual business arrangement with a local partner. It's the ideal way for foreign investors to gain access to the Chinese market, local knowledge, market acceptance, and for the Chinese company to gain exposure to advanced technology and international management skills.


Foreign-invested commercial enterprise
It's the fast method of establishing a partnership enterprise between a local individual and a foreign company where there is no minimum registered capital.


Contact Us
For further queries, please do not hesitate to contact ATAHK at anytime, anywhere by simply calling China hotline at 86-755-82143348, or emailing to

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