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Tannet’s Services

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Shenzhen Qianhai Company Registration Service
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Tannet has developed its business model in 3 areas, business servicing, value investment and O2O networking. The business servicing can be further divided into 4 international business machines (IBM), namely, business incubator, business operator, management propeller and business accelerator.

Business Incubator’s Services
The business incubator offers start-up and follow-up business services, such as corporate formation & transfer,  trademark registration & transfer, secretarial service & virtual office, annual return and renewal, bookkeeping and auditing, tax advice and tax-filing, bank account set-up and document follow-up, document legalized or notarized, entry visa and work permit applications, logistics and warehousing, website design and promotion, market & marketing, personnel recruitment and payroll services, and the other related business service outsourcing and incubating.

Business Operator’s Services
Tannet’s business operator offers value-up and edge-up capital operating and resource planning businesses, such as capital management & trust, investment analysis and planning, project research and market research, financing, feasibility study & business planning, PRE-IPO & PR-IPO, assets management and evaluation, technology transfers, BOT & PPP coordination, mergers and acquisitions, equity & asset transfers, restructuring and reorganizing, bankruptcy & liquidation, OEM/ODM arrangement, due diligence & consultant’s report and other actual and virtual capital operation. With its own Capital Plus Club, Tannet provides investing and financing matchmaking services worldwide.

Management Propeller’s Services
Tannet’s management propeller offers: Humane & Personnel Management Asset & Resources Management, Process & Flow Management, Time-Space Management, Function & Intelligence Management. In details, these include value chain management, running process management, personnel management, financial management, asset management, public relation management, business communication management, business paperwork management, business risk management and corporate resource management.

Business Accelerator’s Services
Tannet’s business accelerator offers speed-up and prop-up business services, which focus on the business paperwork normalization and corporate culture streamlining. The paperwork includes company profile, catalogs, video commercials, annual reports, analysis and audit report, contract process and management, memorandum and articles and other official letters and documentation. The Cultural design includes company handbook, conceptual reshape, brand awareness, business ideology, communication and relationship management, business plan and solution, cultural training, ERP design, CI/VI design, systematic culture design and other business culture conceptually and systematically streamlining.

Citilinkia’s Network Services
Citilinkia is a double O2O platform providing linking up and propping up network businesses. On one hand, we link up as many as partnership in every city worldwide, forming a powerful servicing network. On the other hand, we provide clients with as numerous services as required through the Citilinkia interaction and exchange platform. For more information about Citilinkia, please visit

Contact us
For further queries, you are welcome to visit Tannet’s websites, or call the Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888, China hotline at 86-755-82143512,  or e-mail us at

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