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Deregister Company

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China Company Deregistration Services
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If you want to get rid of a solvent company, you can apply for "deregistration" in accordance with the provisions of section of the Companies Ordinance. Deregistration is easier and less expensive than "liquidation".

Deregistration will not be entertained unless the company has filed all its Annual Returns, notices of changes in registered office or directors and secretary, etc.


Deregistration is commenced by application in the specified way which states the grounds for application being:
1) All shareholders agree to deregistration

2) The company has no outstanding liabilities

3) The company has ceased operation for the lowest requirement based on different districts prior to the application

4) The company has never commenced business or operation


The issue of register a company is dependent upon the company satisfying the Commissioner that there are no outstanding tax liabilities and application should be made within 3 months of the issue of the Revenue's confirmation.Once a company is deregistered, all property (including balances in the company's bank account) held prior to its deregistration shall be deemed as "bona vacantia" (ownerless property passing to the Government) and shall belong to the Government. 


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