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Purchase Hong Kong company service

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Purchase Hong Kong Company Service
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HongKong company means a company registered in HongKong or incorporated in HongKong, usually it will take around 8-10 workdays to incorporate or register a HongKong company, the time can be shortened if you purchase ready setup company in HK. Below are some questions to under the HongKong company purchase. If you want to know more information about HK company, please refer to our other essays.

1.Q :What is a HK shelf company
  A: The incorporation of a company takes time, but in some cases, some consumers may need to      have the company registered in a short time in order to, in its name, sign a contract or transact    business.


2.Q: Can I increase or cut down the registered capital after my company registered?
   A: Yes, but generally you can only incease the capital, while reducing the capital shall meets lots of     trouble. You can increase your authorized capital stock, but for each additional HK $1000 statutory    capital, you will have to pay HK$1 to the government. For example, if you make an additional  authorized share capital of HK$1,000,000, you will have to pay HK$1,000 to the government. Then    you can sell the shares to the new or old shareholders for your own needs.


3.Q: What does the cost of the purchase of a HK shelf company include?
  A:A ready-made Hongkong limited company charges including: company registration fee, business      registration fee, the company packages ( seal, signature atom seal, stock,20 books of articles of    incorporation and minute books ), transfer of subscriber' shares, the promoters to appoint two      directors and a secretary, submitting the register file and the certified copy.



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