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SZ airport to open more intl. flights

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SZ airport to open more intl. flights

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The Shenzhen airport will open five intercontinental air routes to Europe, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand during the summer-autumn schedule this year.

According to a public notice by the Civil Aviation Administration of China on Friday, Hainan Airlines will open flights between Shenzhen and Auckland, New Zealand, this November.

Air China will launch flights between Shenzhen and Frankfurt this May. A flight from Shenzhen to Melbourne, operated by Air China, will also open this October.

Xiamen Airlines has applied to begin flights between Xiamen and Seattle with a stopover in Shenzhen this September.

Earlier this January, China Southern Airlines opened direct flights from Shenzhen to Sydney.

Air China is opening flights from Shenzhen to Los Angeles via Beijing. This October, the flight to Los Angeles from Shenzhen will no longer have a Beijing stopover.

Shenzhen is expected to enact a 144-hour visa-free transit policy this year, allowing international travelers to visit the city without a visa.


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