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China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Qianhai & Shekou Area of Shenzhen

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I.General Information

The total planned area of China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Qianhai & Shekou Area of Shenzhen are 28.2 square kilometres, among which, 15 square kilometres (including 3.71 square kilometres of Qianhai Bay Bonded Port Area) will be occupied by Qianhai district and 13.2 square kilometres will be occupied by Shekou district.


Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone (“Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone”) is the only platform supported by the government to encourage the cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in modern service industry. It is a pivotal zone for the Belt and Road Initiative introduced by the central government and a key sector in Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone. Moreover, it enjoys preferential policy support and strategic advantages in  reform and opening-up as it takes on vital role in carrying out three major national development plans including Shenzhen – Hong Kong Cooperation, One Belt and One Road strategy and Pilot Free Trade Zones.


Shekou is the birthplace for implementation of China’s reform and opening-up policies, a testing base for institutional innovation and a pioneer region for industrial transformation and upgrading. Qianhai and Shekou are among the most economically open regions in China with prominent advantages through synergistic development.


II. Positioning of the Development

Capitalizing on the advantages and extensive experience in marketization, legalization and internationalization, Qianhai and Shekou districts will utilize their prime locations in carrying out the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road strategy to further integrate the resources of Shenzhen and Hong Kong and gather other high-end resources from abroad. High priority will placed on the development of financial services, modern logistics, information service, technology service, professional services, port service, shipping service and other strategic emerging services so as to facilitate the economic integration and development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In addition, commitment will also be made to develop Qianhai and Shekou districts into the centre of Asia-Pacific region in terms of manufacture-related service industry as well as an important world trade base and international hub.


III. Unique Strength

Qianhai and Shekou districts in Pilot Free Trade Zone of Shenzhen, Guangdong province are located at the western part of Shenzhen, eastern coast of the Pearl River and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. Qianhai and Shekou districts sit at the crossroad of the main development axis of the Pearl River Delta and coastal functional expansion belt. Moreover, they neighbour two international airports (i.e. Hong Kong Airport and Shenzhen Airport) within a distance of 30 km and two world-class container hub ports (i.e. Hong Kong Port and Shenzhen Port). Relying on the strong industrial base and the threefold effects of Shenzhen-Hong Kong development circle, airports and ports service circle as well as the harbour service circle, Qianhai and Shekou districts own the best geographical advantages for developing modern service industry.


In 2014, the cargo throughput of Shenzhen Airport amounted to 963,800 tons, ranking fourth in the country, and has opened 153 domestic routes and 24 international routes. The Hong Kong Airport had a cargo throughput of 4,380,000 tons which was the world’s largest cargo airport with 155 international direct destinations. In 2014, the total container throughput in Hong Kong Port was 22,287,000 TEUs, ranking fourth in the world and the total container throughput of Shenzhen Port was 24,037,000 TEUs, ranking third in the world, among which, 12,364,200 TEUs were completed at the ports of mid-west areas.


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