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Yangpu Economic Development Zone 2020 projects

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Hainan Daily reporter recently learned from the Investment Promotion Bureau of Yangpu Economic Development Zone that since this year, Yangpu has continued to increase investment attraction. Up to now, a total of 27 high-quality projects have been introduced, and the agreed investment amount is 1.56 billion yuan. These include 5 high-tech industrial projects, 4 modern service industry projects, 2 petrochemical industry projects, 1 public engineering project, 6 port and shipping logistics projects, and 9 platform economic projects.

In response to the impact of the epidemic this year, relevant departments in Yangpu have comprehensively strengthened their "online" investment promotion efforts. They used telephone, WeChat, video conferencing, etc. to conduct online business negotiations with the enterprise, finalized the agreement in time, and assisted the enterprise to handle online government affairs. They have also increased investment projects and businessmen's resource reserves, planned and coordinated in advance the prospective enterprises to carry out the preliminary work of the project. At the same time, as the epidemic prevention and control entered the normal stage, Yangpu also organized a delegation to study in Suzhou and other places to learn from investment experience, carry out investment promotion conferences and other activities, and continue to carry out investment attraction work. (Reporter Zhang Wenjun Special correspondent Hao Shaobo).

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