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Cayman Company Formation

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Cayman Company Registration Service
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Cayman company formation is carried out in the offshore tax haven of the Cayman Islands by registered agents. The entire process for Cayman company registration can take up to two (2) working days for completion. A Memorandum of Association along with registration fee is submitted to the company registry in the Cayman Islands where the registrar of companies will issue a Certificate of Incorporation to qualifying companies, which will mean that the company is a legal entity.



Cayman company formation requirements

Dual nationality is a highly recommended offshore financial service and can be used to maximize profits where investments are concerned especially if the country of your second nationality creates healthy environment for business. Second citizenship is typically given after a period of residency but these programs impose no such requirements.

Cayman company formation restrictions
There are a few restrictions as to the names which can be given to a Cayman Company for company formation to successfully take place. Offshore regulations in offshore Cayman Islands will not allow offshore company formation if the name chosen for the Cayman island company had been previously used by another company. Names must be offensive and names can be in any language. Cayman Company names which are not written in the English Language must be accompanies by a translated version. The use of the following words in company names for Cayman Island company formation needs a special license or permission; Fund Management, loans, savings, insurance, assurance, chamber of commerce, trustee, trust and others.



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