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Cayman business set-up service

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Cayman Offshore Company Formation
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Requirements for Establishing a Business in Cayman

Cayman is a great place to have a business. We are a small, yet sophisticated jurisdiction with a stable government, a well developed Common Law system based on English law and a proliferation of world class corporate and service companies, all contributing factors in the smooth and efficient running of a business.Cayman offers a well-regulated and internationally respected, tax-neutral, offshore business environment.  A fully operational physical presence with locally based staff, as opposed to a nominal presence through a registered office address, can be an essential component in ensuring compliance with many international and local reporting requirements.


Companies in Cayman

The main characteristic of a limited liability company is that the company is treated in law, as a legal person able to enter into contracts and own property as well as incur liabilities. An individual who is a shareholder in a company, has a liability to the company, limited to the amount unpaid on the shares the individual owns and cannot be liable for the liabilities of the company itself. The company may distribute profits to shareholders by paying dividends and a shareholder can only get their investment in the company back by selling or redeeming the shares they have. 


Sole Trader in Cayman

Caymanian will be able to operate a business as a sole trader if they are competing in the domestic market.   A sole trader is able to start his/her business without any formalities by simply offering services or goods in return for payment. The sole trader can employ people to work in the business, but is personally responsible for all the liabilities of the business and is also the person who receives all the profits. As indicated above, however, a sole trader competing only in the international economy from a base within the Cayman Islands, will be able to obtain a licence and operate without regards to nationality.


Partnerships in Cayman

The Partnership Law sets out the rules for “ordinary” limited partnerships. However, limited partners must not participate in the management of the business and a limited partner’s right to share in the profits or withdraw capital is restricted.One form of partnership is where all the partners are “general” partners and participate in the management of the business. In this structure, the restrictions on sharing profits and withdrawing capital are those agreed between the partners. The exempted limited partnership is another form of partnership which is specially designed to provide more flexibility to suit the needs of the financial industry in Cayman. In all cases, you are advised to contact a specialist to determine the partnership arrangement most suitable for your needs.


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