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Cayman Islands Exempted Companies Guideline

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Cayman Offshore Company Formation
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To register a company in Cayman Islands

If we want to to setup a oversea company , maybe you can consider Cayman Islands, beacuse to establish company there , there are many advantages .we can usually submit a company to the Registrar for incorporation on the same day, however, it may take a week to have the completed papers returned to us from the Registrar of Companies. If you have an emergency requirement for a company, documents can be returned on an 'express basis' at an additional cost.


Requirements  for incorporation company in Cayman Islands

The preferred name of the exempted company with at least two alternatives.The authorised share capital of the exempted company. The majority of exempted companies are incorporated with an authorised capital of US$50,000 as this is the maximum authorised capital permitted for payment of the minimum government fee. Any special classes of shares desired and the par value of the shares. If it is contemplated that the exempted company may wish to repurchase or redeem any of its shares at a future date then a class of specifically redeemable shares should be created, such as a class of redeemable preference shares.


The name(s) and address(es) of the beneficial owner (s) of the shares, whether the shares are to be registered or bearer, and the number of shares to be issued to each shareholder. If the shares are to be bearer shares, the name, address and references of the person to whom the shares are to be delivered must be provided to us. We must have a mailing address and the name of a contact with telephone and fax numbers.


If the objects of the exempted company are to be restricted, specific details as to the purposes and objects of the exempted company will be required. Otherwise, our standard objects clause is drawn so widely that the exempted company can undertake any business which a natural person can undertake.
The names and addresses of the directors and officers which must be filed at the office of the Registrar of Companies. A simple notice of acceptance of appointment by each prospective director and officer should also be provided. An exempted company need only have one director. It is also recommended that a company secretary be appointed. The same person may be both director and secretary.


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