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Major Difference Between a Labuan Company and a Malaysian Company

Update Date:2019-8-15 17:42:06     Views:89

Many may wonder what is the difference between a Labuan company and Malaysian company. Tannet has listed  the major differences here for your reference:


1. Tax
For Labuan company there's only 3% of net audited profit;while it's 17%-24% for malaysian company.

2.Company Name Ending
Labuan company is ended with Limited or Ltd.;while Malaysian company is ended with Sdn. Bhd.

For Labuan it's Labuan Financial Services Authority(Labuan FSA);while it's The Companies Commsission of Malaysia(SSM).


For Labuan no loacal director is required while 1 local director is required for Malaysian Sdn. Bhd.


So here is the question: should I incorporate a Malaysian company or a Labuan company?


It depends on the jurisdiction of the dealing parties(suppliers and clients). If the majority dealing parties are from Malaysia, a Malaysian company would be more suitable. Otherwise, Labuan company will be suitable.


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