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Samoa Company Incorporation

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Samoa Corporate Formation Service
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Independent since 1962, Samoa, located in the South Pacific Ocean east of the International Date Line, consist of of 9 islands, whose main language is English. There is complete existing service structure in Samoa; thus lots of famous accounting companies establish their offices in this country, and there are numerous law offices. Currently, there are 3 retail banks in Samoa. Additionally, the China Embassy in Samoa will be more helpful to apostil and certify the documents needed to operate in China.

Advantages of  Samoa Company Incorporation
1.No tax shall be payable and declarable
2.Corporation's name in Chinese (or other languages) can be shown on the certificate of incorporation
3.Corporation can file its documents in any language
4.It's permitted to relocate the corporation in a effective and convenient manner
5.Corporation that chooses to pay 5 years, 10 years or 20 years' annual license fee in advance is entitled to a considerable discount

General Requirements for Samoa Company Incorporation
1.There shall be at least one director, shareholder and company secretary
2,It's demanded to compile the registers of directors, shareholders and secretary and store them in the registered office

Standard Authorized Capital for Samoa Company Incorporation
1 million USD, a corporation can issue bearer shares

Required Information and Time for Incorporation
1.Chinese and English names of corporation
2.Copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors
3.Registration of corporation (requires 15 days or so)
4.Buying a Shelf corporation (requires 3 days or so)
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