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Set up Seychelles company

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Seychelles Company Formation
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If someone who wnat to invest in a place that has significant advantages of low to non-existing taxes, privacy of personal records and minimal reporting offshore corporations are an important choice to maintain stability of operations at optimal fees while avoiding unnecessary expenses. Then he may be will think about Seychelles .  Seychelles Offshore Business ia a very wise and right choice .There he will  enjoy the benifits  for both clients and offshore markets we preserve reputation of each represented IBC package .And also can  make certain there are no predicaments when dealing with organizations offshore. 


Benifits & Advantages of a Seychelles company:

One of the fastest company registries worldwide – generally up to 1 business day.
Minimal set-up costs and annual maintenance fees.
No need to deposit a paid-up capital.
Not subject to any form of tax or duty on profits or income.
Exempt from audited statements, annual filing, reporting, and accounting.
Information about shareholders, beneficial owners, and directors is not accessible to the public.
Confidentiality, privacy, and anonymity are guaranteed by law.
Bearer shares are allowed.


Requirements for incorporating in Seychelles:

The sum to be invested within incorporation is about US $800. This includes all about local agency fee, local secretary fee, service fee and the registered office fee. The following can be obtained upon incorporation:

a. Certificate of incorporation.
b. Original formation documents and minutes.
c. CPA accountants offering certified formation documents.
d. A seal with two chops.
e. Five copies of M and A.



Similarly, there must be a secretary or more, not a living resident. No requirement for a secretary to hold a professional qualification.



One or more shareholders are required, no issue of being a resident. Like secretaries and directors, corporate shareholders are too allowed but only bearer shares are permitted: no single no par share is allowed.



An annual return and an agent (which must be registered) are needed. The shareholders can be nominees (some or all of them).


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