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Establish a Branch in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg Branch Setup Service

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Establishing a branch in Luxembourg is a simple process if certain steps are followed and the documents are in properly submitted. The whole process doesn’t take longer than a few weeks and requires only two steps: obtaining a business permit and registration at the Trade and Companies Registrar.


A few requirements are mandatory before opening a branch in Luxembourg: the branch’s premises must be separated from the ones of the foreign company, the branch must have its own clients and the representative must have enough power to grant a degree of independence in the operations of the branch.

The initial capital of the branch opened in Luxembourg is not mandatory and if there is any it must be provided by the parent company.

The branch must provide to the Luxembourg Inland Revenue financial information regarding the foreign company, even though some of them are confidential in the country of origin. The accounts of the parent company can be audited by the Luxembourg authorities anytime they request to do so.


What document do you need before opening a company in Luxembourg?

Before starting a business or a company, even a branch of a foreign company must receive a business permit. The permit is obtained by the branches from the Department of Small and Medium Businesses after submitting specific documents such as the proving documents of the professional qualification and professional integrity of the company, the copy of the passport of the company’s representative, proof of payment of the stamp duty, the articles of association of the company.

The documents necessary for opening a branch in Luxembourg must be accompanied by the translation in French, German or English.


The permit is no longer valid if it’s not used for a period of two years, if the company is liquidated or if the company is bankrupted.


The following documents must be submitted in the same time as the application for the business permit at the Trade and Companies Registrar: the proof that the foreign company exists, the articles of association, details regarding the authority which released the certificate of registration, the minute of the meeting where the decision of opening a branch was taken, the decision of appointing a representative, the foreign company’s representatives, details regarding the representatives, the branch’s address and the representative copy of ID and the powers of the representative.


As a result, a unique registration number is attached to the certificate of registration of the Luxembourg branch and the commercial activities may begin.


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