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Hong Kong Shelf Company (Trading)

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Hong Kong Shelf Company Service
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A shelf corporation, Shelf Company, or Aged Corporation, is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity - metaphorically put on the "shelf" to "age". The company can then be sold to a person or group of persons who want to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one. ATAHK is a professional service provider experienced in shelf company sale and transfer.

List of Hong Kong Shelf Company (Trading)
發 聯 貿 易 有 限 公 司 Famous East Trading Limited 12/2013
金 永 貿 易 有 限 公 司 Eternity Gold Trading Limited 1/2014
祥 信 貿 易 有 限 公 司 All Sincere Trading Limited 2/2014
益華貿易有限公司 Royal Beyond Trading Limited 3/2014
文傑貿易有限公司 Mankit Trading Limited 3/2014
滙正貿易有限公司 Wider Giant Trading Limited 3/2014
沃威貿易有限公司 Mega Source Trading Limited 3/2014
華銳貿易有限公司 Sino Smart Trading Limited 3/2014
卓灃貿易有限公司 Smart Filed Trading Limited 3/2014

東財貿易有限公司 Eastern Well Trading Limited 3/2014
盛建貿易有限公司 Sharp Bulit Trading Limited 3/2014
萬駿貿易有限公司 Multi Legend Trading Limited 4/2014
域通貿易有限公司 Harbour Tone Trading Limited 4/2014
騰飛貿易有限公司 Sky Access Trading Limited 5/2014
鴻潤貿易有限公司 Brilliant Surplus Trading Limited 5/2014
寶升香港貿易有限公司 Wealthy Trading Hong Kong Limited 5/2014
冠旭貿易有限公司 Champion Mark Trading Limited 5/2014
龍海貿易有限公司 Ocean Dragon Trading Limited 5/2014
利眾貿易有限公司 Multi Profit Trading Limited 5/2014
金寶富貿易有限公司 Golden Wealth Trading Limited 5/2014
超富貿易有限公司 Mega Capital Trading Limited 5/2014
恒溢貿易有限公司 Best Max Trading Limited 5/2014
安建貿易有限公司 Safeway Trading Limited 5/2014
富訊貿易有限公司 Rich Sign Trading Limited 5/2014
百和貿易有限公司 Stanley Trading Limited 5/2014
宏光貿易有限公司 Vast Bright Trading Limited 5/2014


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