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Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier Introduction

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Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier Introduction
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Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) refers to accept the owner's cargo as the carrier, commission the shipping company complete the international carriage of goods by sea as the shipper, carry out the whole process of transportation according to the scheme line designed for the owner, and issue bill of lading for NVOCC with record. The NVOCC purchases the transport service of the common carrier, and then provides these services to the shipper and other transportation service demanders in the form of resale.

I. Advantages for NVOCC
1. A price agreement can be signed directly with the shipping company;
2. The bill of lading can be issued in the name of the company;
3. Commission order of the shipping agent can be accepted;
4. Enhance the image of the enterprise and the market competitiveness of the company.

II. Materials to be prepared —— Apply for in the form of insurance
1. Application form;
2. Feasibility analysis report;
3. Copy of business license;
4. Format sample of bill of lading;
5. Original form of insurance policy (stamped with applicant's enterprise seal);
6. Insurance policy issued by the insurance institution and copy of insurance payment invoice (stamped);
7. Three resumes, one for legal representative, two for shipping director;
8. Copy of registration receipt for foreign investment (foreign-invested enterprise only);
9. Notarization material of the Business Registration Certificate of Hong Kong company and Photocopy of the business license of the designated contact institution (Hong Kong company only).


III. Handling Process
Sign the agreement and fill in the power of attorney --- Submit the necessary information --- Make payment --- Check the information provided --- Make the application document --- Sign the document --- Submit those documents to the relevant government department --- Finish the process in 45-60 working days ---  Notify the client to pick up the document --- Sign the receipt.


IV. Supporting Services
1. Hong Kong company registration;
2. Notarization of Hong Kong company;
3. China company registration;
4. Accounting and tax filing;
5. Auditing: An annual audit is carried out by a wholly foreign-owned company;
6. Annual inspection: A wholly foreign-owned enterprise must carry out annual inspection and approval procedures to the relevant departments from March 1st to June 31 of each year;
7. Application of general taxpayer;
8. Change of company data;
9. Work visa application;
10. Tax planning;
11. Trademark registration, domain name application, website design;
12. Preparation of compliance management reports, labor contracts and employee manual.


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