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Tianjin Company Registration

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Tianjin Company Registration
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Tianjin company registration is also called Tianjin corporate formation, Tianjn business setup, Tianjin company incorporation, etc. Tianjin is the first in China to implement dozens of innovative service models, including duty-free leasing, cross-border leasing and offshore leasing. As the most important area of the financial leasing industry in Tianjin, Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone features leasing services for aircraft, ships and ocean engineering equipment. The following is the procedures for setting up a branch office of the multinational corporation in Tianjin.

Procedures for Multinational Corporations (MNCs) to Establish Regional Headquarters in Tianjin
1. All MNCs meeting the following criteria are permitted to establish regional headquarters in Tianjin:
(1) Companies that have total assets of no less than US$400 million and have already established a foreign-invested enterprise (or foreign-invested enterprises) in China and paid a registered capital of no less than US$10 million; or with a good credit, established more than 5 foreign-invested enterprises in China with a paid-in registered capital of no less than US$ 50 million.

(2) Companies that have already established a solely foreign invested investment company or a solely foreign invested management service limited company with a registered capital of no less than US$2 million, and are applying for making the investment company or management service limited company their regional headquarters.

2. To establish regional headquarters in Tianjin, MNCs shall make applications to Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce and submit the following documents:
(1) Application for Establishing Regional Headquarters signed by the legal representative of the investment company or management service limited company, which is authorized by the MNC to be the regional headquarters;

(2) Authorization document signed by the legal representative of the MNC regarding the establishment of the regional headquarters and the functions thereof;

(3) Credit standing certificate, registration documents (copies) of the MNC and legal representative certificate (copy);

(4) Approval certificate and business license (copies) of the foreign-invested enterprise(s) of the MNC;

(5) Authorization letter signed by the legal representative of the MNC and granted to the proposed legal representative of the proposed regional headquarters; curriculum vitae and corresponding identification documents of the proposed legal representative;

(6) Other documents as required by laws and regulations; Unless stipulated otherwise, all the above documents shall be provided in their originals. Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce shall decide within 30 days upon the reception of the complete application documents whether to approve or not the application. A letter of approval shall be issued if the Commission approves.


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