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Poland Company Formation

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With the news that from July 1st, 2021, the OSS (One-Stop-Shop) VAT scheme will be rolled out. In it, B2C suppliers of products or services will be able to register for VAT and file a single VAT return in one of the EU member states for the totality of their EU transactions. The OSS scheme will not be obligatory and sellers might still decide to file VAT reports in multiple countries. As it can avoid to register too many VATs in too many countries, may of the sellers now choose to register their business in one of the country within EU, then declare it once where they registered the business - Poland now is one of the popular country among the list.

Here is the advantages of the Poland company:
1. Located in central Europe, it is the hub of Eastern and Western Europe;
2.Its economy stable and develepment sustainable;
3.Compared with other countries such as Germany, the maintenance cost of the company is low.
4.Reasonable corporate income tax system (9% and 19%)
5.It is the country with the highest EU venture capital allocation. 6.It is the largest domestic consumer market in Central Europe.

The requirements for Poland Company formation:
1.Company name -- You may prepare r2 - 3 for check;
2.Business scope -- There is no very strict limit on the business scope;
3.Register Capital -- Minimum 5000 PLN, no need to paid; If exceeds 5000 PLN, need to be paid to before you get the registration certificate;
4. One copy of the authorized appointment documents for shareholders and directors requiring notarization and certification;
5. Copy of the directors' valid credentials;
6.Parents' names and residential addresses of the directors.
7.Address proof of directors in the last three months.

The time to register a company in Poland:
Generally it takes around 3 - 5 weeks.

Poland Company’sTax Declaration:
If there is business transactions, need to declare tax monthly, then submit the audit report yearly; If no business, just need to declare the tax once a year;

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