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Tax Incentives for SME

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In line with the Government’s objective to promote innovation and intellectual property development among small and medium enterprises (SME), expenses incurred in the registration of patent and trademark in the country will be allowed as a deduction for the purpose of income tax computation. This is the tax incentives for SME industries given from government Malaysia.

Such registration expenses include fees or payment made to patent and trademark agents registered under the Patents Act 1983 and the Trade Marks Act 1976.

The definitions for the purpose of this tax incentives for SME are as follows:
i. Companies as defined under paragraph 2A and 2B, Schedule 1, Income Tax Act 1967
ii. Manufacturing industries, manufacturing related services industries and agro-based industries
• Enterprise with full-time employees not exceeding 150 persons; or with annual sales turnover not exceeding RM25 million
iii. Services industries, primary agriculture and information & communication technology (ICT)
• Enterprise with full-time employees not exceeding 50 persons; or with annual sales turnover not exceeding RM5 million

This is effective from the year of assessment 2010 until the year of assessment 2014.

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