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Documents for Company Formation in Labuan

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What are the documents for company formation with the Trader Register in Labuan?

Among the documents necessary for company registration in Labuan as a foreign investor we mention the Articles of Association, the statutory declaration of compliance, specific forms offered by the Trade Register to the managers of the firm and the consent to perform activities as directors of the company in Labuan. Also, the business license is necessary if your firm will perform certain activities, for example, in the banking sector. Our team of company incorporation in Labuan is at your disposal with assistance throughout the entire registration process of your business in Labuan.

When do I receive the approval for my company in Labuan?

The Trade Register in Labuan, alongside with the institutions in charge of granting the approval for business in this offshore jurisdiction can accept the incorporation documents within one working day, meaning that the company is registered for business.

Company verification with the Trade Register in Labuan

Entrepreneurs and natural persons in Labuan have the possibility of verifying a particular company with the Trade Register in Labuan. The registration number or the name of the business is usually necessary for a company verification with this institution. The reasons why a verification is sometimes suggested is to find out information about a specific company, details about its shareholders, liabilities, debts, minimum share capital, date of incorporation, etc.

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