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What Requirements Will I Need to Fulfill After Malaysia Company Incorporation?

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You will to appoint auditors from a list of auditors approved by the SSM. You will need to
supply the shareholders with the audited accounts before the Annual General Meeting. A
private company is not required to present the audited accounts at an AGM but a public
company is required to.
 Make annual report to the SSM. The new Companies Act 2016 requires that the annual
returns are made within 30 days of the anniversary of incorporation.
 Opening a bank account
Every company operating in Malaysia must have a Goods and Services Tax (GST) number. To apply
for this number, the company must have a bank account number.
 Registration for the GST number
The GST number is issued by Royal Malaysian Customs. As from April 2015 the effective GST rate is
6%. This is charged on:
1. Goods made in Malaysia by a taxable entity
2. All goods imported into Malaysia unless they are zero-rated.
 Register for Income tax and PAYE
The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) issues the income tax and PAYE number. You can do
self-registration on the online MyCoID portal number on LHDN portal or
physically at their offices. You will require the Certificate of Incorporation and the Particulars of
Shareholders, directors, manager and the company secretary.
 Register for Employees Provident Fund  

If your company is planning to employ, you must register with the EPF. The registration should be
done within 7 days of hiring the first employee.
 Register for Social Security
Malaysian law requires that all employers register for social security which is done by Social
Security Organization (SOCSO- Perkeso).

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