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How Much Capital Will I Require to Set Up Malaysia Company?

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After the company is registered you will require injecting a minimum of RM1 per shareholder.  This
is the amount that will be in the bank so you can vary it depending on the special capital
requirements you would need to meet for special licenses and permits.
Authorized capital is the amount you state on paper which sets the limit for funding by shares.  This
amount will be revised from time to time to allow for injection of more paid up capital when

What Kind of Work Do I Need To Do in Malaysia?
You will need to be a shareholder with at least 50% shareholding of the paid up capital of a
company. This allows you to get an expatriate visa for you and your family.
If you plan to have 100% shareholding of a foreign owned company, you must acquire a license
from the Ministry of Trade Consumerism showing that your company is not operating a business
that is among those prohibited for foreigners. This is called a WRT license.

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