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Set Up Company in Labuan

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Companies incorporated in Labuan IBFC may enjoy:
• Access to Malaysia’s Double Tax Agreements with over 80 countries
• A competitive tax regime Labuan business activities as defined in the Labuan Business Activity Tax 1990 (LBATA 1990) which provides: - Taxation of 3% of net audited profits, if the company is undertaking trading activities. - Companies carrying a non-trading activities is not charged tax, i.e. 0%. - Under Section 3A1 of the LBATA 1990, a company can elect to be taxed under the Malaysia Income Tax Act 1967, i.e. subject to corporate tax rate of 20% (on the first MYR500,000) and thereafter 24%.
• Ease of doing business: - Availability of banking and trade finance services locally - A highly developed legal structure - Established business ecosystem including technology, skilled workforce and resources - Access to English and Chinese speaking talent - Competitive operating costs
• No import duties, sales tax or capital gains tax
• No foreign exchange controls
• 50% tax exemptions on personal income tax for non-Malaysian residents holding managerial positions and above in a Labuan company
• 100% exemption on personal income tax for director’s fees received by non-Malaysian directors
• Labuan companies (including companies licensed under the laws relating to financial services in Labuan IBFC) may set up a marketing office in Kuala Lumpur and/or Iskandar Malaysia
• A convenient location within the Asia Pacific region


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