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How Quickly Can A Company Be Formed in Malaysia?

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The SSM service charter lists the following time limits for its services:
 Approval of business name – 1 hour
 New business name registration – 1 hour
 Renewal of business registration – 15 minutes
 Registration for termination of business – 15 minutes
 Registration of changes in registered particulars of business -1 hour

For the incorporation procedure, these are the timelines indicated:
 Approval of company name – 1 day
 Incorporation of a new company – 1 day
 Conversion of status – 1 day
 Change of a company name – 1 day
 Commencement of business for public companies – 1 day
 Registration of charge – 2 days
 Approval of a trust deed – 5 days
 Registration of business prospectus – 3 days
 Supply a company’s or business’ information via computer printout-30 minutes
 Getting uncertified copy of company documents -30 minutes
 Getting certified copy of company documents -1 hour

The time from doing a name search to getting the certificate of incorporation is typically 14-21 days
depending on how fast the directors and shareholders process the documents of incorporation and
submit all the needed requirements.

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