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The Advantages of Register Labuan Company

Labuan Company Formation

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Labuan Corporate Formation Service
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Offshore Companies in Labuan are governed by regulations provided in the Offshore Companies Act, 1990 under the regulatory body of the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA).


LOC are available and can be incorporated within 3 working days. The standard company kit includes:
   - register of directors
   - book of share certificates
   - set of memorandum and articles of association
   - common seal

The Advantages of Register Labuan Company

• Corporate Tax rate of 3% on audited Net profits subject to Maximum Tax of MYR20,000.

• No Corporate Tax for Investment Activities.
• No Sales Tax and No Government Service Tax.
• No Goods & Service Tax (GST) or Value Added Tax (VAT).
• No Capital Gain Tax.
• No Withholding Tax for payment of Royalty, Lease Rental, Interest Income, Technical Services or Management Fee.
• No tax on dividend remitted back to home countries.
• No Stamp Duty for the execution of all instruments related to the operations of Labuan Company such as M&A and Share Transfer Form.
• No Personal Income Tax on Director Fee received from Labuan Company by Non-Malaysian Citizen Director.
• Non compulsory of Audit (Except for license activities such as Banking, Insurance and Funds Management which must be audited).
• Protection of Private and Confidential Information. Company search by any third party is not available unless written authorization letter obtained from the Company Director or Shareholders.
• Able to issue work permit from Labuan and thus allowed to stay and work anywhere in Malaysia.
• No exchange control restrictions.
• Low operation costs such as rent, work force compared to other major cities in Asia.
• Strategic located and proximity to several regional financial centers such as Singapore and Hong Kong.
• Time zones proximity for Asian, North Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


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