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Malaysia Trademark Registration

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Malaysia Trademark Registration Service
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Malaysia trademark registration and application have gone through the latest statistic information by local Malaysians and foreigners from Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), there was successfully registered and applied for 59,204 cases in year 2013. Malaysia Trademark registration allows people to register their marks to the government in order to protect it and use it for their marketing purpose. Kindly refer to Malaysia trademark registration procedures for further details.


What is Malaysia Trademark?
Malaysia Trademark (® or ™) is the badge of origin in conjunction to distinguish from other products and brands. ® denotes that the trade mark is registered and protected under Malaysia Trademark Law whereas ™ denotes that it indicates the trademark is used by the company. A mark can consists of words, logos, pictures, alphabets, numbers or a combination of these. Trademark serves as a tool to enable consumers to recognize the products by the specific trader.


Who can apply for Malaysia Trademark?
Any person, whether Malaysian citizen or foreigner, who is the owner of the trademark used or proposed to be used by him or her in Malaysia, will be eligible to apply for Malaysia trademark registration.


Why an applicant needs a Malaysia Trademark search report?
Before the applicant prepares for Malaysia trademark registration, the applicant can do a trademark research through one or more trademark classes and that particular trademark class must be related to the use of the logo and the business nature. The trademark search report will show the information such as any similar or duplicate existing marks that have been registered under Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) in order to avoid plagiarism and receive any objection from other owner of the similar mark during the Malaysia trademark registration process.

Why register trademark in Malaysia?
Registering your own trademark in Malaysia is to give you the exclusive right to use it within the relevant region you have registered. Anyone else who uses your registered mark will be presumed to be a willful infringer, and you could be entitled to monetary damages as a result of the infringement because there is a protection of the registered trademark in Malaysia. For more details on Why register trademark in Malaysia, can click on Imporatnt of Malaysia Trademark Registration.

Moreover, a registered trademark can treat as a valuable asset for the owner either own by individual or a company which can be sold or transferred to others. Distinguishing your products or services by using your trademark from other competitors can allow your consumers to recognize and identify your products or services provided in the market in order to provide consumer convenience and prevent marketplace confusion to the consumers. Your trademark can be design in the form of words, logo, slogan, package design, or other indicators of origin.


How long is the Period of Malaysia Trademark Registration?
Once the applicant has submitted the Malaysia trademark registration to MyIPO, if there is no objection filed, the Malaysia trademark application will be done within one or two months. For the reply of confirmation or rejection of Malaysia trademark registration, this procedure normally will take 1-2 years by the MyIPO’s officer to determine whether or not the applied trademarks fulfill all the criteria under the Malaysia Trademark Law and whether or not receive any objection from other registered similar trademark’s owner. If there is an objection incurred during the process of confirmation for trademark registration, the applicant can be either choose to appeal it or redesign the trademark and apply the trademark registration again.


How long is the Protection Period of Malaysia Trademark?
For Malaysia trademark, the protection period of the registered trademark certificate is normally up to a maximum of 10 years and it requires to renew it every 10 years by submitting some of the required documents and payment to MyIPO for the trademark ownership’s renewal arrangement.


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