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Malaysia Website Design

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Malaysia Website Design Service

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Malaysia Website Design to fully attract the attention of visitors, allowing visitors to produce visual pleasure. So when she is creating the Web page must be relevant to the overall site design and Web page design principles combined. Website design is to plan the content, the site's themes, and combining their own understanding of the art techniques to come out; Web pages usually is designed by the architect designs a Web page, according to the W3C specification for HTML (an application of Standard Generalized Markup Language) is made into a Web page format.


Adaptive Web design also known as responsive Web design-designing a Web page, providing a good sense on a variety of devices to connect to the Internet. Adaptive network design is a multi-purpose site for different devices. Site to make it easier to view the devices of different resolutions and formats, technologies, Adaptive Web page design is not created for a specific type of device a separate version of the site. A Web site might not be on your phone, Tablet PC, laptop and TV Internet access, to meet the full range of equipment with the best show.


Network technology, careful users will find many Web pages file extensions are no longer just ".Htm "or".php"、".ASP ", which were produced by dynamic Web page technology. Here is a variety of techniques category: -

1. PHP

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor which is the most hottest scripting languages on the Internet today, and its syntax is borrowed from c, Java, PERL, and other languages, but requires very little programming knowledge you can use PHP to create a truly interactive Web site. It has a very good compatibility with the HTML language; users can add HTML tags directly in the script code, or adding script code to the HTML tag so as to achieve better page control. PHP provides a standard database interface, database connectivity, compatibility; Scalability; in object-oriented programming.


2. ASP
ASP or Active Server Pages, Microsoft developed a similar HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the Script and CGI (common gateway interface) combination, it does not provide its own specialized programming languages, but rather allows the user to use many existing scripting language for writing ASP applications. ASP programming more convenient and more flexibility than HTML. It is run on the Web server side, after running the operation results in HTML format are transmitted to the client's browser. ASP programming language the biggest downside is that security is not good enough.

3. JSP
JSP Java Server Pages, which was launched in June 1999 by Sun Microsystem company technology, is based on the Java Servlet and Java System Web development technologies as a whole. JSP and ASP technology, there are many similarities, but from different technical specifications for the two organizations, as well as General applies only to Windows NT/2000 ASP platform, but JSP can be over 85% is running on the server and applications than ASP based application based on JSP technology is easy to maintain and manage, so it was thought by many to be the most promising dynamic Web site technology.


4. NET
NET is the upgraded version of ASP, and was developed by Microsoft, but there are worlds apart and ASP.NET versions 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, is best in dynamic programming language with the language of the site, but easy to learn and difficult to master. NET2.0, NET daemon is divided into two reception codes and file management, making NET separation between presentation and logic. NET software development or Web development like. NET Web site is compiled executable, much more efficient than ASP. NET functionality, security and very good to do object-oriented, programming language is a very good site.


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