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Malaysia Company Formation

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Malaysia Company Formation

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Malaysia Company Formation can be divided into onshore and Labuan offshore company. ATAHK provides the following instructions to allow all investors to have a better understanding on procedures of Malaysia company formation. 

Types of Malaysia Company
Malaysia Company Formation is divided into 2 types: Local companies and Labuan offshore companies. Local companies in Malaysia exist in entity form, in which investors can choose between field operation and virtual office. In contrast, Labuan company formation has a flat tax rate system.


Malaysia Company Name
Malaysia Company Name can be registered in English or Malay, usually ends with “SDN. BHD”. SDN is the abbreviation for Sendirian, meaning private whereas BHD is the abbreviation for Berhad, meaning limited. SDN. BHD refers to “Private Limited” whereas Berhad generally refers to “Public Limited Company”.


Authorized capital
A private limited company in Malaysia must have a minimum authorized capital and paid-up capital of RM400, 000 and RM2 respectively. Paid-up capital may differ with scope of company, therefore  can place the paid-up capital in phases based on actual operating conditions.


Appointment of shareholders and directors
Each company must provide two (2) or more shareholders; shareholders can be the directors at the same time. Shareholders do not have nationality restrictions; each company must have a minimum of two (2) directors, being a natural person with their principal place of residence in Malaysia or foreigners who hold a visa in Malaysia for more than 6 months.


Required Documents
English name of the Malaysia Company, personal data of all the shareholders and directors (Identification card or passport and address), authorized capital and the shares allocation, purpose of company formation and main projects.
All documents must be translated in English or Malay. For more information on document translation service, please refer to Malaysia Document Translation Service. 


Malaysia Company Formation Procedures
Filling the application form → sign an agreement → make the payment → company name search → signing of documents at Malaysia → complete the procedure at government departments → receive full set company information → opening of company bank account


Malaysia Company Formation Timeline
When the required documents are ready, it would take approximately 20 working days to complete the Malaysia Company registration procedures.


Bank Account Opening
Bank account opening can only be done after the completion of the Malaysia Company formation. ATAHK has unique advantages in opening bank account for our clients, which includes recommendation for bank, preparation of account opening documents, and preparation of meeting report and application letter for bank account opening.
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