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The Advantages of Labuan Company

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The Advantages of Labuan Company

One of the ways of starting a business in this region is by setting up a Labuan international company. This type of legal entity does not have any restrictions on the nationality of its founders. It can be set up with 100% foreign ownership. Furthermore, the capital requirements for this business form are low, as the company may be set up with a minimum share capital of only $1.

Also, this structure can be incorporated by a single shareholder, who may also act as a director. Our team of agents can offer more details on the commercial legislation applicable in Labuan.

The procedure for company registration in Malaysia in the region of Labuan exempts such businesses from obtaining licenses and permits in the case of the following activities:

• trading;
• e-commerce;
• import;
• export;
• consultancy companies.

The main reasons why investors can choose to open a company in Labuan are listed below:

• - simple incorporation requirements: this business structure is a simple one that only requires one director and one shareholder and they can be the same person.
• - low incorporation costs: the taxes and costs associated with setting up a company in Labuan and a residential address are low; as stated before, the minimum paid-up capital for the company needs to be only 1 USD.
• - low tax: the corporate income tax for a company in this special region is low and in some cases, companies are completely exempt from the profits tax; our Labuan offshore company agents detail the taxation principles below.
• - fast incorporation: the general incorporation of a Labuan company lasts seven days at the most and can be accomplished even if the foreign investors cannot be present in Labuan during the entire procedure.

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