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Type of Malaysia Company

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Malaysia Business Start-up Service
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Malaysia is situated in Southeast Asia, which is located between the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Malaysia population stood at 28.7 million at the end of July 2011, with Chinese population of 6.72 million. Malaysia is a prosperous market with stable political, economic and trade environment, improved infrastructure, medical equipment and educational facilities, high living of standard, low unemployment and low cost of living. In recent years, Malaysia has maintained a favorable economic and trade environment with China to allow rapid growth momentum. With annual trade growth rate exceeding 20%, Malaysia is China’s eighth largest trading partner. As an important member of ASEAN, Malaysia plays an important role in the economic development in ASEAN. Today, Malaysia has become the preferred investment location in ASEAN for international investors. Registered company in Malaysia is divided into onshore and Labuan offshore company. Following is some basic information that provided by ATAHK regarding on Malaysia company formation.

Malaysia Company is divided into 2 types: Local companies and Labuan offshore companies. Local companies in Malaysia exist in entity form, in which investors can choose between field operation and virtual office. There is 3 type of local companies which is Enterprise, Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and Malaysia Foreign Company.

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