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Malaysia Industrial Design Registration Requirements

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Malaysia Industrial Design Application Service
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Malaysia industrial design registration requirements are simple and easier for the original owner of the industrial design to register it in Malaysia. There are few Malaysia industrial design registration requirements that the applicant must take note for the preparation of the documents and information related to the industrial design. When you are filing an application to register an industrial design which requires the following information:-

• A completed application official form for Malaysia industrial design registration which is called ID Form 1 (English or Malay version only);
• 6 copies of representation of the articles to which the design is applied in the form of either photographs or drawings (7 copies for set of articles);
• *A statement of novelty for Malaysia industrial design registration requirements to which the design is applied;
• Must be payment in full for the appropriate filing fee when the industrial design is filing to Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

*Specific Malaysia industrial design registration requirements on a statement of novelty to be noticed by the applicant:-
• A statement of novelty can appear only on the front of the first sheet of each representation.
• It needs to be separated with any other statement or ‘disclaimer’.
• A statement of novelty so not required for the design when registering for wallpaper, lace, or textile articles.
• It also cannot include any description of the use of the article or its features, or its advantages or method of construction.
• The statement of novelty must be specified in English.


For other Malaysia industrial design registration requirements, please kindly take note that all the documents above must be prepared in A4 size (29.7cm x 21cm) with strong and good quality paper (80gsm and above). Kindly refer to Malaysia industrial design registration for further details.

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