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Malaysia Patent Registration Advantages

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Malaysia Patent Registration Service
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Malaysia Patent Registration Advantages are mostly, please refer to the following benefits:

1. Exclusive market
A product as long as the patent right may be granted, it means in the market with exclusive rights. Without the patent holder's permission, no person shall manufacture, sale, offering for sale, use, import a patented product. Therefore, the occupation and the protection of the patent is very important market role. This role is set out in the General Agreement on tariffs and a trade-related aspect of intellectual property rights protection agreement was highlighted. Patent protection and to international trade linked to intensify patent protection.


2. Prevent others from mimicking the development of new technologies, new products
A technology once you apply for a patent, regardless of the technology through published papers, or attending conferences or exhibitions, or otherwise made public, are under legal protection in public, a person even if these channels are learned and mastered the technology, after this technology was awarded a patent in or casual use. For high technology products you need patent protection, low-tech products need patent protection, because products with low technological content are more likely to be imitated, enterprises should pay attention to.


3. Sell the invention and all the intellectual property (IP) rights
Once it has been granted a patent right becomes a pure technology industrial property, formed the intangible assets has a value. A pure technology can't be the industrial property rights (except technical secrets). Therefore, technological invention only patent, and after review by the Patent Office, patent right may be granted, can be turned into internationally recognized intangible assets.

4. To avoid others stole patents
While patents provide the patent application date should be the domestic manufacture, sale and use of publicly before, but very difficult to obtain a corresponding valid evidence. Therefore, there are others you have open product (or technology) to apply for and obtain a valid patent may, even upside down to hold your tort liability.


5. Avoid withdraw exhibition exhibits awkwardness
At the exhibition, sellers like the new product "Patent certificate", who owns the "Patent certificate", who owned the intellectual property (IP) rights. Otherwise, the crisis of the show have been ordered to take down items at any time, and may even be disqualified if exhibiting (exhibition generally have the relevant provisions of the protection of intellectual property rights, such as the Canton fair in relation to the complaints and the settlement of alleged violations of intellectual property rights).


6. Patented good publicity
In advertising or patent mark on the product, consumers consider more reliable for this commodity, credit, improved enterprise visibility.


Considering patents both shield and protect their technology and products, can also be used as a spear, against acts of infringement of opponents. Patent use good, patents on the role of business are limitless.

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