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Malaysia Patent Registration Requirements

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Malaysia Patent Registration Service
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Malaysia Patent Registration Requirements by MyIPO are shown as below. Applicant may apply according to the following requirements:


In order to assist you to protect intellectual property (IP), in accordance with the following procedures and requirements:
1. Patent Search
A Patent search can be conduct before directly move to the patent application stages. Patent Search      help the applicant to check the patent availability see whether the new invention is been file in by others party.


2. Patent filing
There are two ways in which an invention can be protected in other countries. An applicant can either apply directly to the relevant countries, or use the international patent application system PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).


3. Patent Application
The PCT facilitates the filing of an international patent application of an invention in other countries by filing a single application.

4. Patent Renewal
Once the Patent has been granted, the patent maximum validity periods are 20 years from date of filling. The patent has to be renewing annually to keep it valid.


5. Draft Patent Claims
Patent claims are enormously difficult to write due to the peculiar format rules required by the Patent Office. Professionals are provided for translate the disclosure parts into draft patent claims.


Apply for Malaysia patent must prepare the following documents:
1. A copy of the patent specification (must be English version)
2. Full name and address of the Applicant
3. Full name and address of the Inventor(s)
Obtaining such authorization will not result in publication of the specification in Malaysia.


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